Wednesday, March 5, 2008

McCain in Mass.

As of last night John McCain is now the Republican nominee for President. After receiving an endorsement today from President George W. Bush; he has decided to to visit the all important Republican state of Massachusetts.

I received an Invitation today from Amber Hillman (daughter of Reed Hillman) here is a copy of it:

The event will be held on Wednesday March 12th 6:00pm, at the Taj Hotel in Boston. The cost for the event is $1000, but there is a significant discount for Young Republicans, which brings the cost to $250. This would be a good event if you want to show your support for the Party.

If you are interested please contact Amber Hillman at :

Why would McCain come to a blue state such as Mass?

Could it be that he's courting a VP? John McCain has not been able to raise substantial amounts of money. He only raised 12 million last month compared the 30 mil + raised by his Democratic counterparts. Having a certain politician from MA would be good for his war chest.

Could we be seeing the start of a McCain/Romney 08 Ticket?

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