Friday, April 18, 2008

John Olver's opponent at our next meeting.

Nate Bech Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, will be appearing at our next meeting Monday April 21st at 7:00 pm.

Nate is a Springfield native, who now lives in West Springfield. Nate attended Colgate University in upstate New York and graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor's degree in political science. During his college years I he spent two summers in Philadelphia working with inner-city kids. That was an eye-opening experience. he also spent a month one summer in the Gaza Strip. He has spent time learning about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ever since.

He is also a veteran who spent three-year contract as a lieutenant in the Tenth Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New York. During that time he served in Afghanistan and in Iraq. After completing his Army service, he returned to the Middle East to continue learning about the region. He lived and studied in Cairo, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem.

Please come out and support this candidate.

We need to get out and help Nate collect signatures over the next two weeks. Nate is in our age group and it would be nice to have someone who represents US in congress. The idea having someone who can identify with issues affecting young people would be refreshing. Our youngest congressman in Massachusetts is going to be Fifty, Congressman Olver is going to be Seventy-Two in September.
I'm sure Congressman Olver has a lot in common with our average twenty or thirty somethings in MA.

This meeting will be open to ALL Republicans, not just young ones!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

St. Patricks Day Parade & other news.

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of marching in the St. Patricks day parade with U.S. Senate Candidate Jeff Beatty. Jeff was joined by a large contingent of supporters and a tank. Jeff is one of two Republicans running for John Kerry's seat. I am very happy with our Senate candidates, both of them know where western Mass is located! Unlike Senator Kerry.

Keeping a sharp eye out for John Kerry.

Eastlongmeadow Election Update.

I received this Picture of Eastlongmeadow Selectman candidate Ron Cutler in a confrontation with Current Selectman Jim Driscoll. According to the email I received. This picture was taken at a candidates forum that Jack Villamaino was not in attendance. It also stated that Selectman Driscoll has be attacking Ron Cutler on Local Access in Easlongmeadow.